Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Midweek check in

Last Friday. Rather illustrative of the juggling that goes on, no?

How are we doing this week guys? I have managed to stay on top of things. No doubt in part to a sorta of quiet week at work (yay) and the good weather we've been having has helped too (double yay).

I was spent a lot of time thinking this week about this big joke. In an obvious and blatant effort to court votes, President Obama and the Democrats called the Equal Pay Act for a vote. KNOWING FULL WELL IT WOULDN'T PASS. Sorry for yelling but this is where it gets offensive.

Efforts like this do little to actually support working women, and even less to support working mothers. By bringing it up for a vote knowing it won't pass, they are further debasing the contributions working women and working mothers specifically make to society, the economy and their families.

Why do I work? On a good day it's because I like my job, I see it as a career and I like my independance. On an honest day, it's because I need to support my wardrobe and the standard of living it provides us. But really, I work so my little girl and my little boy see that both mommy and daddy work. It's that simple.

And then there's this. Read and discuss. OK? Go!

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