Friday, June 29, 2012

Go to the pool this weekend!

Who's ready for the weekend?! Meeee! Cuz look who I get to hang with?!

A couple of links that were interesting this week.

Updated list of foods you should always eat organic, and those you don't need to. I will add you should always buy corn that is not GMO. GMO is different from organic. I *believe* organic food can be grown with GM seeds.

I made these bean burgers this week. They were yummy but the leftovers got unedibly dry. Next time I will make a half recipe.

I am not a big Nora Ephron person, but I love this quote: "I have a theory that children remember two things—when you weren't there and when they threw up." –Nora Ephron. Via Joanna

Annnd, I'm like six months late to the party, but these no heat curls are making me look so much more put togehter. Via another working mom, Melissa. When I get my hair cut next week, it's gonna be epic! ha! (PS - It's been 10 months since I got my hair cut! Bananas!)

Have fun this weekend! XO

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