Monday, June 25, 2012

This was the weekend

This weekend wrapped up the fourth consecutive weekends of family visits. My family. For four weekends. It was as exhaustingly fun as it sounds.

My husband is a saint. Never once complained or said anything slighting them. Even when I was.

And this was an epic one.

Mimi was in town. Mimi is my mother. She takes her role of grandmother very seriously. When Z was first born and she came to help, she was singularly committed to being the one who settled her during the witching hour, and being the one to do it fastest. And she was.

Mimi brings kisses and fun and love and adventures and presents when she visits. Such that Sunday after she leaves, moreso than usual Sundays, is a tear-filled extravaganza of Mimi-missing.

This weekend was nothing extraordinary - we hung around town and did usual stuff - but it was an excellently summery weekend.

Friday I took off work and we headed downtown. It. Was. Gorgeous! One of those days where I kept looking up and thinking, wow, I live here! The city was full with tourists, but not overly so. Office workers mingled with locals playing hooky who mingled with tourists and all enjoyed the gorgeous weather and relaxed atmosphere.
We went to the Crown Fountain and after some initial hesitation, the kids went to town splashing in the water.
There is something supremely humane about playing in the water in public. You're wet and trying not to slip and it's FUN. Kids behave, adults are polite, everyone smiles. It just feels good.

We also took the customary stroll to the Bean and Pritzker Pavillion.  If you come to Chicago in the summer and you don't go to Millennium Park, you haven't really visited Chicago. It is the most glorious part of the city and my love for it is unabashed!

Z was really into the reflections for the first time.

It was a beautiful day.
The rest of the weekend was just as perfectly summery. Playing on the slipnslide (Z), wine in the backyard (adults), barbeque-ing dinners, pool time, relaxed brunches.

Sunday evening, Mimi went to the airport and we are back to the grind. No meals are planned, we are behind on laundry and the coating of dog hair on the living room floor is epic. But we are happy and relaxed. As much as I loved having family in town for the past month, I am already looking forward to a quiet weekend in five days.  We just have to get through the week!

Me and my mom!

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