Monday, July 2, 2012

This was the weekend.

And then my heart exploded.
Not many pictures this weekend because we didn't do much. And that is what made it awesome. After four weeks of family visits, we had no one in town, so we did pretty much nothing. It was so restorative to hang out, take naps, go to the gym, make dinner and just reset ourselves.

The kids and I took a steamy stroller run in the humidity when I snapped this picture. I ended up going five miles and I am just a bit sore...

A few weeks back, Z and I were driving through a nice neighborhood headed to the pool when I noticed a jogging stroller parked at the edge of a yard sale. And the weekend before, we had walked to the playground and I noticed a woman with kids the same age as mine in a jogging stroller. She had gone for a run and then stopped at the playground. Win-win for both mama and kiddos! I thought she was brilliant. Until I looked up the stroller she had on Amazon. $600! Uhm, no.

But a yard sale stroller, yes! I pulled around the block like a sort of maniac and practically ran up to the women doing the yard sale. "How much for the stroller?! Why are you selling it?! Can I take it for a test run?!"

For $30 I got this bad boy! The front wheel doesn't swivle, so it's best for going straight, but it totally gets the job done. And the kids? They LOVE riding side-by-side.

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