Monday, July 9, 2012

I took a nap! I saw a movie! I made food! (aka, a long weekend!)

This picture reminds me of Jim and I walking down the aisle when we got married. No idea why, because I wore a strapless gold dress and he most definitely wasn't wearing a coonskin hat! Moonrise Kingdom
It was a glorious five days home. No responsibilities, no plans, no visitors, nothing going on but the four of us, a massive heat wave and a long-needed break, including date night to cheese and wine dinner and Moonrise Kingdom.

We took full advantage of our five-day "staycation" too. But Friday, we were all mixed up on what day it was - always a good sign!

There was long naps, lunch outside after sprinkler time, early morning playground visits when we had the place to ourselves, yard saling, cake making and enjoying and general rest and recharging. Just what we all needed.

This week will be busy enough. But this weekend was a good reminder of why staying home and doing nothing is so important sometimes.

Look for dinner ideas, swim suit ideas and some other fun stuff this week.


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