Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Guest Post: My Gpa "The More Things Change, The More they Stay The Same"

Read this first.

Like I said, my Gpa is the smartest person you'll meet. He is very wise and so kind in how he responds to people, especially those with different views. Here is his reply:

Hello Lena,
      I was so pleased to get your response to mine about raising children.  I was concerned some might take it contraryto my intent.
      I agree with you completely about expectations for even young children.  A well know human behavior finding is that rationalpeople, even very young people, behave as they are expected to behave.  Letting, or rather expecting, Z to accept responsibilities and thereby be more and more independent, is a priceless gift.  
     Of course the other reward is that Z rightfully feels as more of an equal as testified byher complimenting you when you do something by saying, “Good job Mommy! I’m proud of you!”  No one wants to feel inferior.  Often people, of most any age,when feeling inferior act bratty.
         G Pa.

PS  If you will indulge a memory – Back in my working days when I was running the K Company we had an annual Christmas party for all employees and their spouses, complete with a band and open bar.  We were frequently warned about the open bar.  However, all of our employees were fellow owners in the Company and we treated them all, not as employees, but as responsible fellow owners.  We never ever had a problem with the open bar even though we had our share of young people who might otherwise drink irresponsibly.

Whenever I think about not working (which let's be honest is A LOT these days), I think about a conversation I had with him when Z was about nine months old. We started out talking about my work, and I expected him to head down a path of how it would be better if I didn't. Instead, he said he was so pleased I did work and could see the benefits of me working outside the home in Z. He said among his grandchildren, he could see benefits among those who's mothers worked. That meant the world to me in that moment and always.

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